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Honor View10 vs Apple iPhone X

Promoted | Android Authority | 1 Day, 2 Hours Ago | X-311

Honor’s latest View10 smartphone is making waves, offering lots of hardware and software features usually available in flagship phones that are much more expensive than the View10’s $499 price tag. That even includes Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone X , which has a starting price of $999. That’s twice as much as the View10. But do you really get twice the phone for the price? Let’s take a look at both the Honor View10 and the iPhone X to see how they stack up against each other. Design The Honor View10 has an all metal body with a smooth finish and rounded corners. The back includes the... Read More

Apple's New iPhone X Will Be Cheaper

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Apple is looking to correct one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone X, the cost. Apple claims the new version will be cheaper to produce, which they will pass off to their customers. They are also trying to create cheaper alternatives by adding lower tier parts. Apple’s iPhone X sales were significantly below expectations, some reports say, while others claim the opposite. The $999 entry price is one of the main reasons why the iPhone X isn’t selling as good as some expected. There are plenty of ways to make it more tolerable, including trade-in deals and installment plans. But that’s... Read More

Toys R Us stores are slashing prices on Apple products as the toy giant prepares to shutter or sell all 735 locations across the US

Kate Taylor | Business Insider Australia | Business news, trends and insights | 2 Days Ago | X-309

Getty Images A Toys R Us store in Brandon, Florida, celebrates its grand opening on October 29, 2016. Toys R Us locations are slashing prices on Apple products as the retailer prepares to shutter or sell all of its US locations, AppleInsider reported. According to one Reddit user, a local Toys R Us store was selling Apple TV 4s for $US75, compared to the $US149 Apple is charging for the device. Toys R Us announced plans to close or sell all 735 of its remaining US locations last week. Toys R Us is slashing prices on Apple products as the retailer prepares to shutter or sell all of its stores across... Read More

Delete These iPhone Apps and Return to a Simpler Way of Life

Matt Barats | News, Politics, Opinion, Commentary, and Analysis | 1 Day, 12 Hours Ago | X-308

This year, I vowed to live a life less basic, by getting back to the basics. I’m making every effort to use my iPhone for only its essential purpose—and you should, too. Here’s how: Delete Facebook and Twitter I’ve read that the creators of these social-media platforms don’t even allow their own children to use them. I should strive to be more like those children by reinvesting in real social relationships. Delete Instagram I need to stop spending so much time encouraging these flagrant narcissists and take some time to encourage the narcissist in me . Delete Tinder Let’s face it; I’m a three—a... Read More

For $15,000, GrayKey promises to crack iPhone passcodes for police

Anonymous | Latest news | 2 Days Ago | X-307

ZDNet Japan For $15,000, GrayKey promises to crack iPhone passcodes for police This palm-sized box can break your iPhone's password, giving police full access to a device's file system -- messages, photos, call logs, browsing history, keychain and user passwords, and more. Federal judge: FBI doesn't have to reveal details of iPhone hacking tool More security news A little-known Atlanta, Ga.-based tech outfit appeared seemingly out of nowhere this month with a bold claim -- that it can crack the passcodes on even the most recent iPhones, a feat managed by only a select few. Grayshift wasn't... Read More

Everyone Needs to Read This Woman's Warning About Losing Your iPhone

Ann-Marie Alcántara | POPSUGAR | 1 Day, 23 Hours Ago | X-306

Siri Gives Personal Information on Locked iPhone Everyone Needs to Read This Woman's Warning About Losing Your iPhone - When one Twitter user picked up a forgotten phone in the bathroom, her first thought was to use Siri as a way to return the phone to its owner. Even though the iPhone was locked, she was able to find the owner — and discover personal information like her address, name, and where her car was parked. Now, she's warning people to turn off this feature in case your phone ends up in the wrong hands. Twitter user afronomics_ found a lost iPhone in the bathroom. The Twitter user asked... Read More

iOS 11 Bugs Are So Frequent They're Now Appearing In Official iPhone X Advertisements

Anonymous | | 1 Day, 13 Hours Ago | X-305

Even though Apple's iPhone lag behinds Android flagships, it’s USP is still the completeness of its user experience. No matter what features it has or doesn't have, Apple is still the king of customer experience. That's why the whole debacle around iOS 11 glitches is so unbelievable. And you have to wonder how clueless Apple is when a software bug creeps into an advertisement for one of their flagship products. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it frame in Apple’s latest iPhone X ad (at the 50 second mark), as spotted by several eagle eye reporters. The bug appears near the end of Apple’s traditionally... Read More

Apple Is Making Its Own LED Displays For The 1st Time, Instead Of Importing From Samsung & LG -

Anonymous | | 2 Days Ago | X-303

> Apple Is Making Its Own LED Displays For The 1st Time, Instead Of Importing From Samsung & LG Apple Is Making Its Own LED Displays For The 1st Time, Instead Of Importing From Samsung & LG SAVE For the very first time, it seems Apple is designing and producing its own device displays, according to a report. This move will have a huge impact on not only Apple's profits but the bottomline of companies like Samsung and LG. Confused? Let us explain... Reuters The report indicates Apple is manufacturing MicroLED display prototypes from a secret facility in California, where engineers have supposedly... Read More

The A-List: Pop on Apple Music

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Listen on Apple Music EDITORS’ NOTES After combing through countless releases each week, our editors select their favorites for The A-List: Pop—the hottest tracks from across the genre. This playlist is updated regularly, so if you like a song, add it to your library. Preview Read More

Found/Tonight - Single by Ben Platt & Lin-Manuel Miranda on Apple Music

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2:59 1 Song, 2 Minutes ℗ 2018 I Know Another One, Inc. under exclusive license to Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the United States Also Available in iTunes Read More