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5 Tips for a Successful Gemba Walk

Toyota, Japan’s one of the most successful enterprises was the first to introduce Gemba walk. This “walk”, so far has improved millions of business designs and operations globally with its realistic philosophies. Though it’s mentioned to be the most ideal process for the lean a well as manufacturing industries, different other sectors are equally indebted to Gemba walk for escalating their commercial ventures whether in the departments of productions or management.

So, here, we have come up with some tips for a successful Gemba Walk—

Adopt Gemba

Being an entrepreneur, if you’re looking forward to monitor the processes in a different way which is expected to be smarter and effective, adopt Gemba walk, which so far has been proved to be an effective process to pin point those important details that are mostly missed or overlooked by following some abstract idea. Toyota was the first to realize it and summoned that business owners have to go beyond the boardroom conferences and incorporate Gemba walk into their Six Sigma and Lean philosophies.

Schedule your Gemba

Like other smart folks concerned about the Gemba Walk for their business, you should also schedule time and date for the walk. Make sure, that instead of keeping it in a long-waiting “To-Do” list, you move it to the calendar. You should have an urge to go for the Gemba walk that your business needs for better progress.

Plan the specific topic for the Gemba Walk

Following the footsteps of others, you can also have an open-mind that helps to accept anything you see during the walk. For each walk, have a particular topics or area of concern in your mind that helps you from getting distracted during the walk and help you remain focused. For example- you can be focus on the 5S or can look on the waste.

Pre-plan with your directors

As already mentioned in the introduction that Gemba Walk drives the directors from the boardrooms and gives a practical vision of the progress the manufacturing or production team is undergoing. Thus, before you start walking, chalk out a tentative plan with your directors or the executives.

Don’t get distracted

Finally, during the walk, make sure you shouldn’t get involved with irrelevant things that are enough to distract you from the walk. Gemba demands focus so that you can closely monitor by taking notes or by clicking a few snapshots.

Likewise, experience a successful Gemba walk.

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