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Business Management – 6 Characteristics to consider When Recruiting New Staff

Finding good staff is difficult. Nevertheless, you can enhance your chances by identifying certain characteristics throughout the interview stage. The list below outlines individuals characteristics that you are searching for inside your ideal candidate:

Productive worker

When the person lacks specific skills or experience then getting a tough work ethic can compensate for this. Skills could be learned and experience acquired however, a tough work ethic is definitely an attitude. Ideally you would like somebody that would like to complete whatever needs doing to complete the job.


In this point in time you have to be careful you don’t specify that you would like somebody of the certain age as this is often construed as age discrimination. However, experience doesn’t always mean how lengthy the individual has labored in a particular job or task. For instance, you might have ten years experience however, that have is of 1 particular skill. Whereas someone else might have ten years experience in a number of skills. The bottom line is to be precise together with your questioning and get just what the candidate has been doing.


Individuals who make the effort and don’t hold out to become told how to proceed are better at obtaining the task finished.

Personal responsibility

A vital quality to consider in candidates would be to responsibility. When asking regarding their responsibility in the past roles search for proof of the projects and assignments they’ve adopted. Inquire about the way they led to the effective results of a task. You can even find signs that you could recognise immediately if an individual takes responsibility. These signs is often as simple as arriving for that interview promptly and impressing you using the thorough research they’ve done on the organization.

Enjoys your team

When the role that you’re recruiting belongs to a group a potential candidate should be a great team player. They have to have experience and revel in working inside a team atmosphere. They have to possess the personality skills to have interaction effectively with other people within the team.

Positive attitude

Individuals with an optimistic attitude are more inclined to produce a more favorable atmosphere to operate in. Those who are friendly, possess a can perform attitude and are prepared to help others can create a more happy and productive atmosphere. While interviewing an applicant determine the kind of attitude they’ve and when they match the personality from the organisation. An essential indicate remember is the fact that attitude is much more important than skills since the latter could be trained.

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