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The Process of Payment in Shopify Explained Briefly

Once you know How to Create a Shopify Store and it is all set to be used then you need to consider the payment method by which you will be taking money from your Shopify customers. Shopify gives the ‘Shopify Payments’ option as one of the easiest ways to access and manage your payments online. The Payments System means that you don’t need to have a merchant account ready with another provider like Stripe or Square.

Additionally, Shopify payments tend to integrate completely with your online store, so that you can have a look at all your payouts as a Shopify admin with ease. When you want to use Shopify Payments for having customer cash then you need to have a system ready called ‘Pay Period’. Generally, this is the amount of time between the day your customer places an order on your online store and the time when the order money is transferred to your bank account. The money obtained from the funds placed on Friday and the weekend are generally combined and then sent in your bank account as a single payment. For more information on creating a shopify store, visit the website.

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